Our Beliefs

We believe in saving lives and providing second chances – for both a veteran and a dog. This means being able to provide out clients with an affordable service dog without having to sacrifice high quality training.

Many organizations have costs ranging from $10,000 to $35,000 for a fully-trained service dog that may not even bond with the client.

We believe in creating a long-term relationship with every person we bring into the Victory Service Dog family, and offer continued support and resources as needed even after the veteran has graduated from the program.

What We Do

Due to our unique client-based training program, we can provide veterans with an affordable and therapeutic means to get the service dog they deserve. Our client-based training program is customized to meet the needs of the handler. Upon graduating from our program, the pair is well-equipped with the tools and strategies they need
to continue or maintain their training.

We currently offer training for tasks associated with PTSD, TBI, MS, mobility, and other physical issues.

Victory Service Dogs Training Program:

Submit the Enrollment Application along with the required forms and application fee. Once completed and reviewed, the applicant will be contacted to schedule an in-person interview. The interview will give Victory Service Dogs the opportunity to meet and learn about the potential client and their needs.

If the client is accepted into the program after the interview, the client will be given the option to have their own dog evaluated by one of our certified trainers or participate in the organization’s adoption program. Victory Service Dogs finds dogs through local rescues/adoption agencies or trusted breeders. *If a client wants to use their own dog, then that dog is thoroughly screened for the attributes needed in order to be trained for service tasks. *If a client cannot use their own dog and/or need a dog that can be trained there will be a selection process to adopt the most suitable dog that can match the client’s needs. Most of the dogs are rescues and/or donated pups about the age of 1-4 years old.

When the handler and dog have been successfully matched, Victory Service Dogs will prepare the dog-team for the program using our Client Orientation. The orientation will ensure that the handler is prepared for the upcoming training and what VSD requires of them during training. The training program is client-based, meaning that the handler and canine are a team and complete the training together, taking on average, 18-24 months to complete. Please download our VSD Training Programs and Courses Packet for more detail.

While the dog-team partakes in the training program, they will be tested based on their skill levels to move forward through the program. Victory Service Dogs follows the Assistance Dogs International (ADI) testing protocols by conducting Canine Good Citizen tests (CGC, CGCU, CGCA, etc.) and the final Public Access Test (PAT).

During their time in training, the dog-teams will also learn how to perform tasks that the handler may require. These basic tasks can range from picking up objects to helping the handler feel comfortable in public situations.

When the dog-team has successfully completed and passed all training requirements and testing, they will officially be eligible to graduate from the program!

After graduating from the program, Victory Service Dogs offers Advanced Task Training for those who require more difficult tasks to be completed by their service dog. These tasks will be more specific to the needs of the handler.

When the client feels that they are ready for the world, Victory Service Dogs will continue to follow up with them to check up on their progress as a team. The handler and dog will also have the opportunity to join trainers on field trips, which may include going to the movies or other activities that may test the team after graduation.

Military/Veterans Crisis Line

We are here for you!
If you or someone you know is a member of the military family that is experiencing suicidal tendencies,
please contact the Veterans Crisis Line.

You may also text 838255 or visit their site to chat online!