Basic/Advanced Obedience Enrollment Application

Please read this information carefully prior to continuing to the application.


If you are interested in having your dog trained to be a service dog, please discuss this option with a VSD representative or staff member to see if you are eligible with our organization (Requirements: MUST be a Veteran or First Responder retiree).

Responsibilities of the Client

  1. Clients are responsible for the cost of caring for the dog (food, vet care, etc…).
  2. Clients must be the primary handler/trainer and are required to attend 1 training session per week with a professional VSD trainer. Each course lasts between 5-8 weeks. The cost of each course will vary based on difficulty.
  3. The most successful clients are highly committed to consistently meeting the training schedule. Please consider whether this will fit into your lifestyle. Clients with 3 unexcused absences in the span of 1 month will undergo Academic Probation from the program at the organization’s discretion.

Training Prices: 

All costs per training course are subject to change. The full cost MUST be paid prior to start of the first lesson.  Classes will not begin until 5 clients have officially enrolled to meet the class size requirement, so wait time may vary.

**If you would like to have your dog assessed once the application is completed and the fee is paid, please contact the VSD office to discuss this option. The cost of an assessment is $50 for a 30 minute assessment.**

Puppy Obedience, 6-8 week course: $225 (Dog Age: <6 months, all vaccinations must be completed)

Basic Obedience, 6-8 week course: $225 (All dogs must receive spay or neuter by first cycle or 1 year of age, all vaccinations must be completed)

**If you would like to surpass Puppy/Basic Obedience Training, copies of prior training certificates must be supplied to VSD as proof of previous training completion.**

Advanced Obedience, 5-7 week course: $250 (Prerequisite: Basic Obedience or Puppy Class, or prior training equivalents)

**If you complete Puppy/Basic Obedience Training with VSD and wish to continue on to Advanced Training, you will receive a $25 discount off the Advanced Obedience price.**