Letter from Steve, Executive Director January 2018

Victory Service Dogs

Summer 2018 Newsletter

The mission continues! Catch the vision – share the vision – believe in the potential of vets helping vets.

VSD is enjoying a great summer! The last six months have seen many changes, and we have welcomed some new staff to our family. Kim Coffman has joined us as a licensed counselor and has done an amazing job streamlining the interview process, and conducting interviews with potential clients.

Zach Kinder and Austin Blewer have helped get the VSD office in order, and have refined processes and procedures. Their hard work and dedication are very much appreciated. Vincent Maffia is our new program director. He comes to us with a varied skill set, great ideas, and a commitment to the vision.

We have the best trainers in Colorado Springs, and without them our program would not be successful. Their dedication to our teams is evident, and they truly care about our clients and the vision of VSD.

We are excited to be expanding our program to Denver and Pueblo! I would like to say a special thank you to the Pueblo Humane Society Board of Directors for partnering with us in helping our amazing Pueblo veterans. We are very proud of this partnership.

We have many fundraising events planned for the rest of the summer. Please check out our website victorysd.org for our calendar and updates.

Kind Regards,


Steve Corey, Founder and CEO Victory Service Dogs