Sponsors may choose to:

    • Sponsor the Organization

    • Sponsor an Event

    • Sponsor a Veteran-Dog team

By choosing to ‘Sponsor the Organization‘, the sponsor will be supporting our efforts through regular monthly donations of $500, while also being advertised on the ‘Our Community Partners‘ page of the website.

By choosing to ‘Sponsor an Event‘, Victory Service Dogs will contact the sponsor when an event, hosted by Victory Service Dogs, is available to sponsor. During VSD events, sponsor’s are asked to help VSD with any/all costs for the event. The options for sponsoring an event are; a $250 donation for a vendor booth at the event, a $500 donation for a vendor booth as well as being listed as a Donor on the ‘Our Community Partners‘page, or for a $1,000 donation, the sponsor will have all of the above, as well as advertisements on the VSD social media and in the office as a Proud Supporter of VSD.

By choosing to ‘Sponsor a Veteran-Dog Team‘, the sponsor will be asked to donate a total of $7,500, which can be made in payments depending on the ability of the sponsor. This cost is based on the average total cost to fully train a service dog.

Additionally, sponsors may choose to only ‘Half Sponsor a Veteran-Dog Team‘, costing only $3,750. The proceeds of these donations supports the Veteran-Dog team as they excel through the Victory Service Dogs program. For sponsors that wish to choose their Veteran-Dog team based on certain requirements, please leave your requirements in the Questions Comments, and Concerns. We will also send you updates of the Veteran-Dog Team that you choose to sponsor!

Sponsorship Application
Sponsors for our organization and the veteran-dog teams within our program are always appreciated! You may choose how you would like to show your support in the following application! This applications ensures that a Victory Service Dogs representative may be able to contact you for your sponsorship opportunities.

You will also receive a copy of your application in your email inbox or spam!