Victory Service Dogs 1st Graduation Ceremony

Victory Service Dogs began its mission 3 year ago.  Now, here we are, with 10 of our clients and their service dogs graduating from our program.   Our graduation ceremony was at the Brayla Wedding Center on October 14th.  This night was sponsored by Online Doggie, Lucky Pet at Home, Hurts Donuts, Big Dog Realty, Handmade by Heroes, Tawjma Pawz and Charles Rolanter (Petsmart Manager).

Here are the graduates for October 2018:

All these graduates are veterans and have served their time defending our country.  During their training with there service dog, in our program, they were committed till the end.  We are glad to see their dedication and hardship pay off.  Now they can move forward with the help and support they deserve from our country!

This event was sponsored by

  • Online Doggie
  • Hurts Donuts
  • Handmade for Heroes
  • Lucky Dog at Home
  • Charles Rolanter (Petsmart Manager)
  • Big Dog Realty

We would like to thank everyone for attending and honoring our veterans and their service dogs.