VSD Revamp!

Hello to all our wonderful followers!

Victory Service Dogs is proud to announce a couple of changes to our organization!

We have completely revamped our policies and procedures, as well as our program itself!
Additionally, we have created a stronger support system within our organization for our clients and our staff/volunteers!

Some of our program changes have been made by our new Head Trainer, Lisa Lima! With Lisa’s guidance, we have created a more organized approach to how our classes are scheduled and maintained, as well as the courses required to graduate from our program! You can learn more about Lisa on our Team Page!

Military and Veteran Enrollment Applications are now officially available for fall 2019! A nonrefundable $50 application fee is required for processing and handling.

Thanks to an increase in funding we will be able to offer this program at no cost, other than the application fee! Thanks to the public and our amazing graduates for making this opportunity possible for new clients!

Based on comments, concerns and suggestions from our clients/potential clients raised during our program review we have added some ways to keep our clients up to date on what is expected of them throughout the program and each of their classes! These details will be passed on to potential clients through our orientation, which is designed to help new clients understand what the program entails, what to expect and what VSD’s expectations of our clients are.

As an added incentive and to show our sincere appreciation for our current clients and past graduates, we will now be offering an Advanced Task Training course for graduates and shadowing opportunities for those interested in becoming service dog trainers after graduating from our program!