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Victory Service Dogs

Helping veterans live their lives to the fullest, with increased independence, purpose, and dignity, with the help of a loving service companion.
For veterans who struggle with the effects of PTSD and other physical or psychological challenges, achieving a better quality of life can be difficult and frustrating.
Victory Service Dogs believes our veterans deserve to live their lives with a sense of independence and dignity.
Research has consistently proven that the bond between humans and canines is very powerful. Service dogs greatly improve the quality of everyday life for individuals with disabilities. They enable veterans to cope with symptoms of PTSD, achieve improved mobility, and provide a sense of well-being.
Victory Service Dogs stands apart from many other service dog organizations because we operate a client-based training program and strive to adopt shelter and rescue dogs.
We are a 501c3 non-profit organization EIN: 47-4842139

For questions regarding our program, please visit our F.A.Q and Support page.


Graduated Service Dogs

This is the number of our teams who have successfully completed our training program as of October 2019

Dogs Saved

This represents the number of donated/rescued dogs that were adopted by our clients and are currently, or have been, in our program as of October 2019

Veteran/Dog Teams in Training

This number represents the teams who are currently in our training programs as of October 2019